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Why was there a need for company name change?

We needed to communicate our unique set of capabilities – fasteners, linkage and suspension, and engineered components – in a way that was easier for our customers to navigate and understand.

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Why no longer “Vehicle Systems”?

Our strategic direction has changed from primarily automotive to now having expanded into 14 different markets. This expansion requires a separate, tailored approach for our automotive customers and each of our other customer markets. Each approach has one thing in common: We focus on solving their problems. So, our new brand is appropriately named MacLean-Fogg Component Solutions.

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What are “Component Solutions”?

Components are formed parts used by industrial manufacturers to create durable consumer goods.

Component Solutions are our ingenious products. We have always been committed to finding solutions to our customers’ problems at a fair price and on time. Our components are designed to reduce costs, reduce weight and increase the performance of our customers’ products.

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What will happen to current packages, orders, etc. that use the old brand identity?

Over time, they will be changed to reflect the new brand. This will take place over a mutually agreed period.

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What are the benefits to me?

Our new brand focus helps us develop more innovative solutions to better serve each of our customers. Our customers also gain the benefits of dealing with one unified company. And, we now leverage all of the resources needed to stand behind the expansion of business that we do for you.

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How does this change help us better serve our customers?

It gives you the opportunity to better understand all of our capabilities, how they work together under one unified company, and how they can be used to improve your business. This may help you consolidate your supply base to reduce complexity. Dealing with one multi-component manufacturer, will increase the efficiency with which you serve the consumer.

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Will my company incur any additional costs due to the change?


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What does the new logo stand for?

This modern brand mark is steeped in heritage – based on the iconic two hexes. The inside hex is made up of three key components representing fit, form and function – the keys to manufacturing precision component solutions. They also point outward with optimism and direction for growth, symbolizing the integral roles of our clients, investors, and associates. Each facet of the brand mark also highlights an aspect of the MacLean-FoggCS business. The trim of the Hex represents aluminum control arms; the base is a hot forged wheel or axle nut; the precision surfaces call to mind those found in formed and machined components; fasteners are embodied in the hex; and polymer technologies in the dome.

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